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Wireless Microphone Hire

The UK’s experts in wireless, UHF, and radio microphone rentals: delivering professional solutions with a straightforward approach.

Sennheiser Handheld Wireless Microphones

Sennheiser Headset Wireless Microphones

Sennheiser Wireless Lapel / Lav Microphones

Radio Microphone Hire: Handheld

UHF Radio Mic Hire – Multichannel wireless microphone hire in the UK

Join professional users from around the world who trust Sennheiser’s superior stage technology in every field of audio production. Renowned for their no-compromise sound quality, dependability, and stability, Sennheiser radio microphones are trusted in the world’s leading musical and theatrical audio environments.

Hire wireless radio mics for theatrical productions, stage, debates, presentations, and musical performances.


Customers say..

Wireless Microphone Hire

Multichannel UHF Wireless Microphones

Configurable with up to 28 UHF transmitter and receiver systems.

Hire Sennheiser G3 EW100 wireless radio microphones. Renowned for their no-compromise sound quality, dependability, and stability, Sennheiser’s G3 EW100 radio systems are trusted in the world’s leading musical and theatrical audio environment.

Oxford Sound hire offer up to 24 channels of evolution UHF wireless G3 EW100 G3 Tx and Rx, full multichannel Sennheiser UHF wireless microphone systems.

The EM100 is a rugged rack receiver utilising True Diversity for optimum reception. 42 MHz bandwidth with 1680 tunable UHF frequencies. 20 frequency banks with 12 preset frequencies, plus a user-programmable bank.


Professional equipment, high quality sound

Onsite setup and calibration


Ready straight-out-the-box


Channel 38 - 600 MHz

Wireless Microphone Receiver: EM100 G3-E-UK

Delivered and configured by an engineer

Handheld, headset & lapel mic options

System Configuration

Tailor systems for any production

Combine handheld dynamic, headset condenser and lapel mics in any system.


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Why Hire Wireless Microphones?

Sennheiser UHF radio microphones offer superb performance and sound quality. Hire up to 24 channels of wireless microphones at the best prices found anywhere online. Hiring any combination of microphone solution is easy using Oxford Sound Hire’s online wireless mic ordering tool.

To begin, decide which microphones will suit your production. Then, select either handheld radio mics, headset wireless mics (supplied with belt-pack transmitters), or wireless lapel/tie clip mics. Select and combine any number of each type of mic for a complete, flexible system. To reserve, add any number of each microphone to your order and complete checkout. It’s that easy!

Sennheiser radio mic systems are professional quality wireless microphones with modern, easy-to-use wireless receivers. Sound engineers and audio professionals from across the globe trust the rugged build quality, great battery life, and rock-solid dependability of Sennheiser’s wireless and radio mic equipment. Order today! Oxford Sound Hire offers unbeatable reductions on up to 24-channel, fully licensed radio microphone systems. When you’re searching for wireless mic hire for use as roving mics, or audience microphones, then look no further for radio microphone hire in the UK.

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