Terms and Conditions

1. Parties and Definitions:
a) The “Owner” refers to Oxford Sound Hire Limited.
b) The “Hirer” is the party identified on the Delivery Note and is responsible under these terms, even if the equipment is under the control of a third party.
c) The “equipment” pertains to items specified on the Delivery Note.
d) “Hire charges” are as per the Owner’s rate card, linked to the hire duration on the Delivery Note.
e) The sum for insurance purposes is the current market value of the equipment.
f) The “Delivery Note” is the document provided to the Hirer upon equipment delivery.

2. Agreement to Hire:
The Owner agrees to let, and the Hirer agrees to take, the equipment under the specified terms and conditions.

3. Variation of Terms:
Any variation to these Terms must be in writing and signed by a Director of the Owner with specific reference to these Terms.

4. Payment:
The Hirer shall pay all agreed hire charges or rent promptly. Trade customers may receive a discount, subject to timely payment.

5. Payment Default:
Punctual payment is crucial. If an installment remains unpaid for over 7 days, it constitutes a breach of the Agreement.

6. Payment Address:
All payments must be made to the Owner’s specified address. Payment by post is at the Hirer’s risk.

7. Responsibilities of the Hirer:
During the hiring period, the Hirer shall:

Pay all sums promptly.
Keep the equipment in good repair.
Ensure proper use and care of the equipment.
Pay all associated charges, fees, and taxes for the premises where the equipment is placed.
Allow entry for inspection purposes.
Notify the Owner of any change in address or if the equipment is taken outside the UK.
Indemnify the Owner against loss or damage.
Insure the equipment and notify the Owner promptly of any insurance changes.
8. Hire Period and Termination:
a) The hire charge begins on the day the equipment leaves the Owner’s premises and ends at the agreed hire period’s conclusion.
b) If the equipment is not returned on time, the hire charge continues until returned.
c) In case of loss, damage, or destruction, the hire charge persists until recovery, repair, or replacement.
d) Additional charges apply if the Hirer fails to return the equipment on time.

9. Ownership and Condition:
The equipment remains the Owner’s property. The Hirer accepts the equipment’s condition at the agreement date.

10. Liability and Warranty:
The Owner is not liable, except for death or personal injury due to negligence. No warranties are given regarding merchantable quality or fitness for a specific purpose.

11. Notices:
Any notice to the Hirer is valid if served as specified in clause 5 and is deemed received within 48 hours after posting.

12. Operator’s Status:
An operator supplied by the Owner is considered the Hirer’s agent, not the Owner’s employee.

13. No Waiver:
No relaxation, forbearance, or waiver by the Owner affects its rights. Acceptance of returned equipment does not constitute a waiver.

14. Lien:
The Owner has a lien on film, tapes, and property in its possession for outstanding balances.

15. Minimum Age Requirement:
Hirers must be aged 18 years or over.

16. General:
Failure to enforce any term does not constitute a waiver. The terms are subject to change without notice.

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