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DIY House Party Speaker System Rental in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire Cheltenham & The Cotswolds

How do I hire speakers for a party in Oxford?

Easy! Each PA system is configured for your event and delivered to your door. Our team of helpful sound engineers will setup and test all music and speaker equipment before showing you the simple operations. All you need to do is have your music and playlists ready!

Here are the four most popular party speaker systems in Oxfordshire:

Are you having a party?

This is how to hire party speakers, DJ equipment and party sound systems in Oxford. At any party or event, simply plug in any smartphone, iPad, or laptop to the speakers. Oxford Sound Hire deliver, set up and test speakers at you location, and any party in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, The Cotswolds, or Northamptonshire.

Laptop, tablet & phone powered House Party

Connect and play music from up to three handheld or desktop devices. Huge-sounding bass, high-fidelity mid-range, and sparkling treble. High-quality sound, not just volume. Hire a party speaker system which is ideal for birthday celebrations or house parties. Just add your playlist!

Hand delivered Party & Disco PA speakers

Whether you need to hire speakers for a private party or a larger celebration, our sound engineers work with you to supply professional sound equipment for every event: whatever your budget.

Hire Party Speaker Systems & DJ Speakers in Oxford

Do you need to hire DJ speakers in Oxford?

Easy-to-use party speaker systems


Professional music equipment and high quality sound

Connect any music device, laptop, smartphone etc.

Delivered and set-up by an engineer

Reserve today!

How to rent a party sound system in Oxfordshire.

Simply browse the party sound systems and select the speaker system which suits your budget. All equipment carries full PAT certification and will be delivered & set up by a helpful engineer. Oxford Sound Hire offer DJ speaker hire for private parties, and events across the UK. Hiring a sound system for your party or DJ couldn’t be easier, but if you have any questions feel free to contact us and ask about your PA hire in Oxford.

I want to play music from my phone or laptop.

Connect and play your tunes from a hand-held or desktop devices. Big bass, high-fidelity mids, and sparkling treble; high-quality sound, not just volume! Ideal for fashion shows, birthday or house parties; simply attach your media player!

Huge bass, full-fidelity mids, and sparkling treble; pro-quality sound, not just volume.

Why Oxford Sound Hire?

Oxford Sound Hire has been offering PA system hire for DJs and Parties for over 30 years. When hiring party speakers in Oxford, we offer only professional sound equipment. Our popularity with hundreds of customers reflects the high quality of our sound equipment. Many venues, clubs, and pubs across the south-east use Oxford Sound Hire again and again for sound hire for party sound system hire and DJ speaker equipment. Contact us today and ask about live events, weddings, and private parties.

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